future models – German-Danish youth designs the future

Within the INTERREG VA project „German-Danish youth designs the future" about 2,880 pupils from more than 29 German-Danish schools will meet to learn from each other the different lifestyles, values and cultures (fostering intercultural understanding). Through project weeks at schools they will together develop common visions of a future "resource efficient, good life" within their INTERREG region. Their visions will be published to start a social political debate on the common visions, values and targets (fostering participation of the youth).

To reach this goal a new concept for project days and weeks at schools will be developed. They will take place at site as well as virtually. For the latter a platform for virtual collaboration will be developed to include as many schools as possible.

To raise public awareness and initiate a debate there will be an annual competition with intensive marketing for respective media coverage.

With this website we will provide young people (and schools) a free platform to

➢ develop their own models of the future (e.g. within project days or weeks)
➢ publish their models,
➢ share their models,
➢ and meet virtually for intensive exchange, discussion and collaboration.

Through this the youth acts as pioneers, applying systems thinking and qualitative cause and effect modeling to consider the crucial factors and interconnections behind our future challenges.

Next to the 29 German-Danish schools and several networking partner the following partners will manage the project:

The project "German-Danish youth designs the future" is funded by Interreg Germany-Danmark with resources from the European fond for regional development:
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